GGJ24 @ LEGO GROUP Copenhagen

Every year, thousands of developers, artist, musicians and more join forces from around the world to meet up and build games. This is the Global Game Jam.

This year, we (the team responsible for the Danish delegation) have partnered with LEGO and are hosting a jam site from our offices in Copenhagen.

This runs from 18:00 Friday the 26th of January to 18:00 Sunday the 28th.

Important links:

Jam signup : GGJ 2024 @ LEGO Group Copenhagen
Last year's recap : GGJ 2023 recap
Site Discord : GGJ Copenhagen Discord
Livestream : The Jam House on Twitch

Helpful links:

The best way to explain it is to recycle the GGJ17 keynote :
Abitfrank also had a good take :
Here is danish national treasure Asbjørn Thirslund (Brackeys) advice for jammers :
And here is our tool to help jammers explain their skillsets and balance expectations :
Hope to see you there!
XOXO The Jam House Crew
Gex, Jil, Isa, Zen, Tig, Ris and Niz